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Manufacturing Facilities

DSPM is the first mill in India to be equipped with the latest 4+1 Multi-wire technology.

The company boasts of stock preparation equipped with state of art De-inking and dispersion system. Therefore, DSPM with an aim to set up a world class machine with latest technology has selected reputed and reliable suppliers and project associates after world wide intense survey and scrutiny.

DSPM is the first of its kind in India paper board plant with state of art complete imported machinery. DSPM has entered into technical collaboration with various international companies for consultancy, technical services, know how, quality optimization, etc. The process is fully computerized and equipped with advanced DCS and QCS systems.

Considering the intense market for Coated Paper Boards, company has left no stone unturned to procure the latest technology & meet the International Standards of Quality with Coated Paper Board which shall satisfy the Ever Demanding Customers.

Every effort has been made to select the right suitable machinery with long term & futuristic vision to ensure instant success of the Dream Project.

With this Transformational Technology, Deevyashakti, is set to drive the next big Revolution in the Indian Paper Industry which shall deliver the highest value to its Customers.
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